Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zippered pouch with applique

This is somewhat of a tutorial. I am not the best at remembering to take pictures as I am sewing so bare with me as I learn.

So here it goes. Zippered Pouch with Applique "Tutorial"

First gather your supplies. Decide how big you want your pouch to be, mine was approx 9"x11". The interfacing needs to be smaller so it won't create bulk in the seams. Mine was a little too small but it was all I had. Normally you want it about 1/2" smaller all the way around. I used Heat n Bond for the applique, forgot to take the picture.

After you got your measurements and supplies, work on ironing. I did the applique first. 

Then I ironed on the fusible batting.

I could not get a good pic of the heart on the computer screen. Basically measure where you want your applique and how big you want it. Open Silhouette Studio, open the file you want to cut, mine was simple heart. I wanted a 2" heart so I made sure my measurements in Studio fit what I wanted. The square I cut out was 2 1/2". *NOTE* Be sure to take the paper off the back of the interfacing before cutting. I always forget this and it doesn't cut as well.  Once you have your shape the size you Lay your fabric on the Silhouette Mat, be sure you line it up properly to where you have your shape in Studio. 

Load your Silhouette Machine (I have the Portrait)

Be sure to change your cut settings to Fabric cotton print and also if you have the Fabric blade, use it and be sure to change the blade setting to 3 (shown in the lower left corner)

And you have a perfect heart!

Position the applique where you want it and iron it on.

Then sew it on. I chose a zig zag stitch for a more decorative look. 

Next up is to sew on the zipper. Here I have my exterior fabric right side up, zipper facing down, and interior fabric facing down; raw edges matching. Pin in place. 

Use a zipper foot to sew the pieces together. 

Repeat for the other sides. You will have exterior fabric facing up, zipper facing down, and interior fabric facing down. The side you just sewn will be sandwiched in between. Be sure just the raw edges of the new side are what is being sewn. 

Topstitch if you prefer

Now take your interior fabric and put right sides together, do the same for the exterior fabric. Leave a 3" opening on the bottom of the interior fabric. ***NOTE*** Be sure your zipper is opened halfway so you can flip it right side out!

Be sure the teeth of the zipper are facing away from the exterior fabric. Sew all a way around, minus the opening.

Trim zipper and round the corners

Start pulling fabric through opening....I am always reminded of Popples when I do this. 

Poke corners out and sew up the opening in the bottom of the interior fabric. 

Sit back and enjoy your new pouch!

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