Friday, January 18, 2013

New Floor Pillow

So I just joined the Pinterest hype within the last month or so. One thing I found was this tutorial on a floor pillow. It was cute and simple so I pinned it. ;) Yesterday I thought I would try it out since I had lots of left over batting that needed to be put to use. So I went through my fabric and decided to use the Hawaiian fabric a friend bought for me on her trip to Hawaii. It turned out bigger than my mind was thinking...and bigger than I had batting for so I did have to go buy 4 cheap pillows at Wal-Mart (total of $11). But $11 spent on this size pillow is pretty good. It is about 36" square. I did tweak the tutorial a little by adding a zipper to it. The cats and Little Bit have approved it.  No pics of Little Bit on it but she has drug it around the house and put her toys to bed on it. She is currently sitting on it watching TV.

Update: Pic of Little Bit

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