Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Quilt is DONE!

I did fairly well up until the binding. I didn't get the width wide enough so it didn't fold over like it was suppose to so I had to tug it over and try my best to sew it down. Overall, it looks good and made it through the wash in one piece so that is good. Now it is boxed and ready to be mailed to Angella!
Here it is...progess included:
Making sure I had enough binding to go around
Binding is on, part way
Though I was doing good at the corners...found out later I didn't. :(
Close up of the corners. So sad but they will stay together.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Almost done!

I finished sewing the strips together and after dropping Little Bit with Me Maw and Paw Paw, I started the quilting part. I did pretty good, I think. Now to figure out the binding. I am thinking pink or green.
Here it is with out binding....Angella if you are reading this STOP! I don't want you to see it before I get it to you. :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First quilt is started

Well I have started my first quilt. It should be about 35" x 35", give or take some. It is for my friend Angella and her baby who is due to make her debut in May! I hope to get the top done before my surgery.
Here is the fabric: I got all of the fabric at my local quilt store for $25...well the green one I got at JoAnn's. I was looking for another solid but and that was the closest I could find. I think it looks good. The pink and yellow are Moda, It's a Hoot and the brown is Robert Kauffman.
And here is the layout after I cut all the strips.

The back is going to be a creamy color Minky.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Outfit is done...

I had a thought while laying in bed this morning...I can make Ashlee a shirt out of Jamie's old army shirt. So off I went to try...of course I can't do a project without having to rip out some seams because I messed up but overall it turned out cute. I still need to fix the sleeves but Ashlee does not want to take it off now.
Here is the finished outfit. I made the tutu, pants and shirt.
I finished her shirt:
She loves it so much she wanted it back on after I washed it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Still a sewing...

Well today I made Ashlee some camo pants to go with her tutu. I don't have a pic yet so I will update this post when I do.

But I am no good at making pants. I always seem to get them too short. I think because I use one pattern but a different tutorial on how to sew them. I will have to find a pattern system. lol I do need to find her a shirt to go with the pants; I am thinking black with some Army design on it. We shall see.

I also hope to start Mom's quilt/throw and Angella's baby blanket soon. I have some fabric picked out, just have to wait for payday. Mom's will be a block quilt and Angella's will be a stripped quilt, I think. I am looking forward to trying them. I really am excited to start Jamie's quilt. I know it will be a pain the booty and I will be mad by the time I finish it but once I finish it, I will be in awe, I am sure.
This is the fabric for Mom's quilt. She liked these because they were different. I loved them the moment I saw them and hoped she was so I was glad when she said yes. Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda.
And this is for Angella...she said the nursery is different shades of pink but I just love these patterns and colors, I hope she will too. It's a Hoot by Momo for Moda.

Other than that, not much going on. Just trying to catch up from the holidays and getting prepared for my surgery on the 18th....I am nervous but I am leaving it in God's hands and I know He will take care of me. Oh speaking of God, Ashlee has started telling us to pray as soon as we sit down at the table. It is so sweet. She even says Amen when I get done with the prayer. We had gotten out of the habit of praying so I always thank her for reminding us.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Peggy Skirt...take two

So I attempted to make me a skirt. I loved the Peggy Skirt found at Sew Delicious. So I gave it a go. And guess what, I actually made it....BUT I made it too small. Poo. So I am giving it to my cousin in hopes she can wear it. lol But I had enough material left (yay for buying too much), so I am attempting to make me one, again. I measured myself, the right way this time, and had Jamie to double check me. I have the front together, but I am done for the night so I will try to finish it tomorrow. I hope it works since I have already ordered me some cute black leggings to go under it along with some super cute red shoes. lol I also ordered a black tee in hopes of putting something like a brooch or flower on it to add color.
Here is my first attempt at the skirt. What do you think?
I made the second one but it is a little too big but I can take in the seams and it will be perfect!! Will post the final project once I get to finish it.
UPDATE: Done...but when I washed the skirts, mine came out with two big holes and a few smaller ones. I am thinking it was where I had to take out the seams and I knicked the fabric. Soooo, I added some strips to the sides to cover the holes. lol But it is done and it fits! So yay!