Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Peggy Skirt...take two

So I attempted to make me a skirt. I loved the Peggy Skirt found at Sew Delicious. So I gave it a go. And guess what, I actually made it....BUT I made it too small. Poo. So I am giving it to my cousin in hopes she can wear it. lol But I had enough material left (yay for buying too much), so I am attempting to make me one, again. I measured myself, the right way this time, and had Jamie to double check me. I have the front together, but I am done for the night so I will try to finish it tomorrow. I hope it works since I have already ordered me some cute black leggings to go under it along with some super cute red shoes. lol I also ordered a black tee in hopes of putting something like a brooch or flower on it to add color.
Here is my first attempt at the skirt. What do you think?
I made the second one but it is a little too big but I can take in the seams and it will be perfect!! Will post the final project once I get to finish it.
UPDATE: Done...but when I washed the skirts, mine came out with two big holes and a few smaller ones. I am thinking it was where I had to take out the seams and I knicked the fabric. Soooo, I added some strips to the sides to cover the holes. lol But it is done and it fits! So yay!

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