Saturday, June 23, 2012

Phew, what a week

I don't get much done during the week since Little Bit is home, plus she has therapy twice a week for her sensory disorder. And we went to the Splash Park once this week and spent the rest of the week outside in her new (to her) pool.

But I did get some organizing done thanks to my wonderful husband. He built me a new cutting/sewing table! Yay, no more cutting in the floor!!!

Here is a:

BEFORE: See all the mess...I couldn't take it anymore. It was driving me insane. I like to be organized.

AFTER: Yes, all my fabric, minus some scrap pieces are in the drawers. No they are stored by color or size, but they are folded neatly and I know where each are now.

Nothing too grand, and it was an old desk that we got for free. Just bought some wood for the legs, the shelf and chair at Target for around $50 total. Not too bad. I think I will go get another shelf to put to the back of the existing shelf for my shipping stuff for Etsy. And I plan to paint the wood black, I think.

Update: Still haven't painted the wood but I added the fancy masking type to the desk edge and got another colorful storage unit.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mammoth is done!

So hubby asked me several months ago to make him a quilt out of his old uniforms. Sounds easy enough right? Well it took him months to get me the uniforms, then I had to wait on the embroider square and finally get time to work on it. So today was the day! I had it sandwiched last night and did the quilting today. Here is a mini time line:

12:30 pm: Put quilt on machine...Sammy held it down for me.

Not sure of the time but I was in the middle of quilting. My machine held up great on this massive quilt!

Around 4pm: Quilted and squared. Heading to JoAnn's for hubby to pick out binding.

After 7 hours of sewing, Mammoth is DONE! Hubby likes it. It is now in the wash.

Now excuse me while I go soak in a HOT bath. My shoulders are killing me. Mammoth weighs a good 15lbs I am sure.

Oh and I did get the Quilt for Kids quilt done before I started Mammoth. It is washed and bagged up. Forgot to take pictures before I bagged it up. Ooops.

Keep sewing, just keep sewing....

So yesterday after I got the house cleaned, I started working on some projects for my store.

First up is the cute receiving blanket using Michel Miller and Birch fabric. I love it!

Then I tried this (scroll down for the video) tutorial found on MSCO, though I used 100% fabric and not tea towels so I had to hem my stuff first. I made an adult size and child size. They are too cute! I wonder if Ashlee can wear the child's?



I got half of the Quilt for Kids quilt quilted (wow lots of quilt in there, lol), and I plan to finish it today and start on hubby massive quilt!

So whatcha been doing?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whatcha Doing?

Well the Little Bit is with the grandparents (as of yesterday afternoon) so I am getting some stuff done. Today I went fabric shopping, shhh Don't tell Jamie. lol I also cleaned on the house then started working on some sewing projects.

First up was to start on the quilt top for Quilts for Kids! The fabric arrived Monday so I thought I would start it while I have time to sew. It isn't my cup of tea fabric but I hope the child that receives it loves it, as it is made with love.

Secondly, the backing for Jamie's quilt came in today! So I can finally finish his quilt. I got it basted tonight; had to make a run to Wal-Mart for more pins though. My thumb is sore too but I know he will love it. I can already tell he does. The backing is flannel, grey colored.

I also hope to make some more blankets and possible a super cute apron I saw on MSCO. The Mommy and Me apron set didn't go so well, the pattern was really hard to follow and I gave up. Plus this one is much cuter!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Christmas in July...for you sewing people

So I follow the lovely Rebecca at Sew Festive Handmade and she along with some other wonderful ladies are having Christmas In July! You must check it out!

Here is the schedule:

July 2: Rebecca and Jessica from Quilty Habit
July 9: Jessica from Make Me Crafty and Chelsea from Pins and Bobbins
July 16: Kelsey from Kelsey Sews and Rebecca
July 23: Jennifer from Knotted Thread and Katie from There and Back
July 30: up your finished holiday projects for pats on the back from everyone and a chance at some great prizes!
Check out this post for the awesome prizes!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Berenstain Bears quilt is done!

I fell in love with the Berenstain Bears fabric for Moda as soon as I saw it. It took me a while but I finally bought some and I made me a cute little quilt. It is made from the layer cakes and I did the Double Slice Layer Cake pattern over at MSCO. Super easy to do the top. I did the back a little different than normal but I think it turned out cute. For the quilting, I sewed around every small rectangle. I really debated on the binding but in the end I went with white to make the top pop some. I love it! It is in the wash now!!

In other news, we finally planted a flower bed in front of the house. lol We have lived here for 1 1/2 years and just now getting to landscaping. It isn't the best but neither one of us have green thumbs. lol



Nice right? Now lets see if I can keep them alive.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sad news to GREAT news!

I made my first sale! Super excited. It is a baby gift for the lady's sister who is having a baby in November. Perfect month to be born if you ask me...November 13th is the best date actually. lol I keep telling my cousin that her baby will be born on my birthday, which is actually the due date. However, she wants her (I am say her because that is what I believe, lol), to be born before Nov 11th since that is my cousin's 30th birthday. She wants to have her before her 30th birthday. Though having her 3rd child on her 30th birthday would be cute!

Anywho, that was alot of rambling to say I made my first sale! Now to add more stuff and hopefully get more sells!

A little sad news...

Sadly one of our fishy died! RIP Orange Fish #1 or was it #2?

I am so bad with fish sometimes. But the other fish seem to be doing well so it must have been that fish, right? Orange Fish #2 or #1, still not sure who died, lol, seems to be ok though he/she does hide alot. I called Petsmart and she said that since it was just a few days ago, they could probably just look it up for us; I can't find the receipt yet. BUT I did print off the transaction from our bank so maybe that will help.

Luckily Ashlee was upstairs on the phone with Me Maw and I just happened to check on the tank when I went to get the rolls out of the oven. So I got the fish out, put it in some water in a ziplock bag. Ashlee is none the wiser, yet.

And last night's swim lesson (2nd lesson) didn't go very well. She cried just about the entire sesson. One of the helpers had to stay with her most of the time. I am not sure what happened. I hope tonight goes better. It has to right!?

Stay tuned!

Oh I just realized I didn't post about her first official swim lesson. On the 2nd day of lessons, she finally got to get in the pool....and she walked off the underwater ledge and down she went. Yes 5 mins into the lesson, she went under. She cried mainly I think but it caught her off guard. I was still at the pool so I calmed her down and got her to get back in. She had fun the rest of the session.