Saturday, June 23, 2012

Phew, what a week

I don't get much done during the week since Little Bit is home, plus she has therapy twice a week for her sensory disorder. And we went to the Splash Park once this week and spent the rest of the week outside in her new (to her) pool.

But I did get some organizing done thanks to my wonderful husband. He built me a new cutting/sewing table! Yay, no more cutting in the floor!!!

Here is a:

BEFORE: See all the mess...I couldn't take it anymore. It was driving me insane. I like to be organized.

AFTER: Yes, all my fabric, minus some scrap pieces are in the drawers. No they are stored by color or size, but they are folded neatly and I know where each are now.

Nothing too grand, and it was an old desk that we got for free. Just bought some wood for the legs, the shelf and chair at Target for around $50 total. Not too bad. I think I will go get another shelf to put to the back of the existing shelf for my shipping stuff for Etsy. And I plan to paint the wood black, I think.

Update: Still haven't painted the wood but I added the fancy masking type to the desk edge and got another colorful storage unit.

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