Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whatcha Doing?

Well the Little Bit is with the grandparents (as of yesterday afternoon) so I am getting some stuff done. Today I went fabric shopping, shhh Don't tell Jamie. lol I also cleaned on the house then started working on some sewing projects.

First up was to start on the quilt top for Quilts for Kids! The fabric arrived Monday so I thought I would start it while I have time to sew. It isn't my cup of tea fabric but I hope the child that receives it loves it, as it is made with love.

Secondly, the backing for Jamie's quilt came in today! So I can finally finish his quilt. I got it basted tonight; had to make a run to Wal-Mart for more pins though. My thumb is sore too but I know he will love it. I can already tell he does. The backing is flannel, grey colored.

I also hope to make some more blankets and possible a super cute apron I saw on MSCO. The Mommy and Me apron set didn't go so well, the pattern was really hard to follow and I gave up. Plus this one is much cuter!

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