Friday, August 23, 2013

Thank you!

So today marks a full week of kindergarten for Little Bit! She has done so good at school; a few meltdowns here and there but her teacher and counselor have really worked with her. So as a thank you to them for all they have done, I made these little jars for them.

I took some small mason jars, turned them upside down, and spray painted them black. Once that dried, I went over them again with a red to give it a more rustic look. I then hammered a hole in the lid, sanded down the back of the hole so it wasn't sharp, spray painted it, once dry, I applied a vinyl initial to the lid, and finally tied it on with some cute twine! Simple project but with tons of appreciation behind it. :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do you love vinyl or HTV?

If you have a confused look on your face then I would say you don't love vinyl or HTV. :) But let me enlighten you to the wonderful world of vinyl. If you read my blog, you have seen several projects that I have used vinyl or HTV, cut with my Silhouette Portrait. My first HTV was bought from Pick Your Plum, shocker I know. But I found a place to order from that I love, Expressions Vinyl. Their prices are wonderful, their customer service is superb, and their shipping AMAZING! They ship the same day! I love them!! Since I love them so much, I joined their affiliate team. So if you would like to check out what the heck HTV is, hint heat transfer vinyl, lol, then click HERE to go to Expressions Vinyl's website to learn more. They have some great video tutorials as well. Also be sure to check out their daily deal as well.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fabric covered canvas

So chevron is the trend huh? Ok, my house is lacking in the chevron so here is my attempt at staying "with it." lol My first attempt at a fabric covered canvas with a fabric applique and HTV wording. Not too shabby for my first try. What do you think? All I did was take a canvas, measure the fabric so enough folded over the back, picked out my fabric for my state, cut the state out with my lovely Silhouette Portrait, cut the Home Sweet Home out of HTV with my Portrait, iron on the state, iron on the saying, and fold and staple the fabric to the canvas! 

I used the chevron fabric I got from Pick Your Plum, you might have heard of them. lol Love PYP!

Crazy life...but it is calming down

So my little 3lb 5oz preemie is now 40lbs and started kindergarten! Where did the years go? She has been 3 full days, today is the 4th day. So far she has done good. We set up her IEP last week so they are really working with her and her sensory needs. Knowing they are willing to help makes it so much easier for me; I worry about her. So far, no tears have been shed by her; now by me is another story. lol I didn't cry the first 2 days as I got to walk her to class by yesterday we had to drop her off at the door and a teacher walked her in. She didn't want to get out of the car so it was hard on us. I cried as I left. But each day will get better! I hope!

So with my new free time, I have been busy. I have cleaned the house and worked on a few ideas. One idea is a super cute Halloween Garden Flag. How cute is this? Click the picture to go to my Etsy shop to order one. I also have a Trick or Treat design but I have not cut it out yet.

I also tried this idea out for Little Bit; she loved it.

I also listed this item in the shop recently. It can be put on a baby bodysuit or a T-Shirt. Click the picture to go to my Etsy shop.

I am also working on some Home State shirts for my friends. I want to show more states than just TN so I offered to send a few of my out of state friends a shirt and in return they take a picture for me to use. I got the shirts today so I hope to work on them tomorrow.

And for me, I hope to make this shirt soon. I saw a design like it so I added my twist to it to get ready for some Titans football. Hubs has been to one pre-season game and we will miss this week's due to him having to work. But I hope to make the rest; we have season tickets!

And be sure to check out my Facebook page as I post sneak peeks and finish products there. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mason Jar overload - Simple projects

Mason jars were in danger this week at my house. Most were spray painted, the rest hid from me. lol

I have seen all the neat project with spray painted mason jars so I tried my hand at it.

First up was a Back to School mason jar for my daughter's table. All I did was turn the mason jar upside down (I have an old wooden board I use for all small spray painting jobs) and spray painted it. Once dried, I cut out a cute little I heart School. Then tied on with some twine.
Next up were my sewing jars. I had them hanging above my cutting table for easy use but thought they could use some color. Before and After! Love

And next up were some jars for my mom. She loved all of mine so she came up with some ideas for Fall and Christmas. These are for her, my sister and an aunt. All tags were made and cut with my Silhouette Portrait.

I don't think mason jars are safe from me or my mom now. ;)