Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sewing front

On the sewing front, I got the 2nd Jelly Roll Race quilt top ready, sewn the 1st top sandwich, cut out the binding for it and am ready to sew it on. I do have the backing and batting ready for the 2nd top, just need to put it together.

I am almost done cutting all the pieces for Jamie's quilt. I still need alittle bit more interfacing for the T-Shirts and I think I need one more BDU square...have to lay out the pieces and see which it was I needed. Then once I finish the quilts for Ashlee's teachers, I can finally start the BIG quilt for Jamie. Thankfully he has decided he doesn't want binding so I won't have to worry about that, phew! But we have to figure out what type of backing he wants. I think he is wanting flannel or fleece, but he hasn't decided yet.

Other news: I got a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet! Love it! We also got a Wi-Fi thingy from AT&T so I can use it while we travel. We are planning on driving out to Reno next month. I am not making a 100% decision until my 6 week check up Tuesday. I am feeling great, with very little soreness, just get swollen after a long day. So I think I will be fine to make the long trip. I hope to do some fabric shopping while he is in the conference. ;) After the conference, we are going to take our time coming back so I can see the country, never been past Missouri. :( Ashlee will be in West TN the first week we are gone since it is her spring break and Mom will bring her back and stay with her the next week; we should be home by that Wednesday. I am excited and nervous...Excited since I know it will be fun to spend time with Jamie and see the sights but nervous to leave Ashlee for that long. Will she remember me? Will she miss me? Yes I have those doubts. Anywho....

Break time is over and I need to get to ironing so I can sew the binding on, hopefully today.
UPDATE: Finished the first quilt.
Front: Ashlee hit it about the time I took the picture so sorry...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mom's quilt

Saturday, Ashlee and I went to the LQS to look for some fabric for Mom's quilt. I got some ivory broadcloth. Never used it before but it was wide enough I wouldn't have to piece it and cheaper. Ashlee ended up taking a 3 hour nap on Saturday so I spent that time laying out the blocks for the quilt. After several texts to Stacy, I finally got the blocks the way I wanted them. Then I got them lined up and pinned. It was hard to sew this big of quilt, biggest item to date at about 60"x75" but I got it done. I finished up the binding today while Ashlee played then slept. After the wash, I noticed some of the backing had pulled away from the binding so while Jamie gave Ashlee her bath, I tried to fix them. It is in the wash again, I hope it is fixed since Mom is coming up this weekend!

Here is the front and back before the 2nd wash:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scarf one is done...

So I made a scarf for Ashlee's teacher, I have one more to make. This is the tutorial I used and once I got the tension set (between 4 and 5) and the right stitch length (about 15) then it went faster. But man it was annoying up until then with the breaking of the thread or getting caught in the bobbin area.
Strip cut out (about 11" wide by 100" long)
Started the "shirring"
Close up (kinda)

Friday, February 3, 2012


Well my surgery went well. I had a hysterectomy due to a large fibroid sticking straight out and into my back. The surgery was the 18th. The first day was the roughest and has gotten better each day. I am still tender and get tired pretty quickly but I am healing nicely. I have been released to drive and do as I feel like it. I go for another check up on Feb 28th and if all is still nice, then he will fully release me! So yay!
Before the surgery, I found the perfect fabric Jelly Roll for Ashlee's MDO teachers AND I found it on sale! Yay!!! So once I could get upstairs and sit at the sewing machine, I started the first Jelly Roll Race Quilt. It took me several days since I couldn't sit long at the machine. But here is a time line of pictures. I still have to figure out what color backing and binding but the first quilt top is done! I just love these colors.
First step, mix up the strips
Second step, grab strips out and sew them together to make one BIG strip. Don't pay attention to color pattern, just grab and sew.
Third step, fold ends togther and sew up a seam. Cut the fold and finish seam...repeat 5 times (32 total lines)
Quilt and bind! ENJOY!