Friday, February 3, 2012


Well my surgery went well. I had a hysterectomy due to a large fibroid sticking straight out and into my back. The surgery was the 18th. The first day was the roughest and has gotten better each day. I am still tender and get tired pretty quickly but I am healing nicely. I have been released to drive and do as I feel like it. I go for another check up on Feb 28th and if all is still nice, then he will fully release me! So yay!
Before the surgery, I found the perfect fabric Jelly Roll for Ashlee's MDO teachers AND I found it on sale! Yay!!! So once I could get upstairs and sit at the sewing machine, I started the first Jelly Roll Race Quilt. It took me several days since I couldn't sit long at the machine. But here is a time line of pictures. I still have to figure out what color backing and binding but the first quilt top is done! I just love these colors.
First step, mix up the strips
Second step, grab strips out and sew them together to make one BIG strip. Don't pay attention to color pattern, just grab and sew.
Third step, fold ends togther and sew up a seam. Cut the fold and finish seam...repeat 5 times (32 total lines)
Quilt and bind! ENJOY!

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