Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sale starting October 1st!

In honor of our 10 years of marriage, I am offering 10% off through the month of October. *No custom orders please*

Starting October 1st, you can use the code 10YEARS to receive the 10% off.

Here are a few items that are in my store:

Just listed these cute Halloween table mat and coasters:

Fall Pillow Cover
Boyish Weighted Blanket
Large Hot Pink Floral Tote
I do take custom orders for the weighted blankets. Just convo me what colors, theme, size, and weight desired and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love Grab Boxes/Bags!

So this summer I bought the Mystery Box from Craftsy, while some hated theirs, I loved mine. So I took the plunge and bought the Grab Box from Pick Your Plum this past Saturday. The box arrived today! SCORE!!! Such cute stuff! Can't wait to play with all it soon!

For your pleasure, here are some pics of the box contents: Not the best but I was trying to get it all taken before my little one realized there was "toys" out. lol

I will defintely be on the lookout for the next time they do grab boxes. I think they had 300 boxes and they sold out in 12 mins! So glad I was one of the lucky 300.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What to ask for?

So our 10 year anniversary is coming up next month and hubby has asked what I really want. At first, it was an eternity ring (like this but cheaper), which I have tried on a few and found one I loved....but it is $1,200! That is alot of money for a ring. But now I am not sure I need a ring. I am dreaming now of a Silhouette cuts fabric! Oh the things I could do since I can't cut shapes very well. Darn scissors mess up every thing. ;) But the Cameo is $300...still alot of money. So I am tempted just to ask for the $80 Shark since I love to clean. Ok I don't love to clean but I love a clean house. lol

So ladies, or gentlemen, what should I ask for?

Hubby has said the scope and ammo he bought a couple of weeks ago is what he wanted but I am sure I will find something else to get him. Just not sure yet.

Oh and we are not going anywhere fancy since we are going to a Tennessee Titans game the night before! He should be glad I love watching the Titans and I will cheer louder than him sometimes. My throat is sore after today's game....and he wasn't here as he went to pick up Little Bit so I could finish up some stuff that I wasn't able to do Friday due to having to drive ALL THE WAY back to him since he put his keys in my purse. BTW, that was 4 1/2 hours round trip. I was 30 mins from the house when he called and said I had to come back. I was NOT happy to say the least. opinions?

Well hubby suprised me and took me to the store to pick up my ring. I got the one I had tried on a month or so ago. Love it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sewing on a hold...

So without going into details, Ashlee is no longer in preschool. :( We are on the search for a better school that understands Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and is willing to work with Ashlee, not against. Her last day was last Thursday when we were sugar coated asked to find another school. My heart broke yesterday when she asked if she was going to school, when I said no, she asked why. Luckily Daddy came in and she got to talking to him. I didn't and still don't know how to explain it to her. I hope we find a new school soon. I have one application in at the local university and we are discussing private schools but that means I would have to find a full time job just to pay for it then we would have to figure out how to get her there and home and also to therapy. So we are discussing and praying. If you pray, please do for us and Ashlee. Thanks!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sale, Sale, Sale in my shop this week!

Tennessee Titans football starts TODAY! In honor of Jake Locker, I am offering 10% off the store for this week, September 9th - September 15th. Use GOTITANS to get the 10% off.

** Please no custom orders. **

Go Titans!!

This was from a pre-season game Jamie and I went to in August. Ashlee had to match her Daddy that day. She calls it Titans Foot-b-ball. lol

And one of the pictures from our Christmas Card last year:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I have no hair!!

Ok, I still have hair but this is the shortest it has been since I was a baby, seriously! I love my long hair, I think it is my security blanket so I have kept it long for a while. I did try to alittle above my shoulders once but still let it grow back out. But this time, I wanted something drastic. So I searched hair donations and came across Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Their min is 8 inches so that was much more doable than the 10 inches for Locks of Love or 12 inches for Wigs for Kids. So I finally manned (well womaned) up and went to the salon. I told her what I wanted to do, she measured, showed where it would be and a style that she thought would look good so I said "go for it!" YIKES! But amazingly, I like my new short hair. Since I had the sides angled already they got to stay a little long and she angled it against my really short hair in the back. So short, she used the clippers to shave my neck!! OMG!

Here are the before and after....sorry for the bad pics but I was using my phone camera. I haven't braved real pictures yet. lol


AFTER: this is actually 2 days later.
So what do you think?