Sunday, September 23, 2012

What to ask for?

So our 10 year anniversary is coming up next month and hubby has asked what I really want. At first, it was an eternity ring (like this but cheaper), which I have tried on a few and found one I loved....but it is $1,200! That is alot of money for a ring. But now I am not sure I need a ring. I am dreaming now of a Silhouette cuts fabric! Oh the things I could do since I can't cut shapes very well. Darn scissors mess up every thing. ;) But the Cameo is $300...still alot of money. So I am tempted just to ask for the $80 Shark since I love to clean. Ok I don't love to clean but I love a clean house. lol

So ladies, or gentlemen, what should I ask for?

Hubby has said the scope and ammo he bought a couple of weeks ago is what he wanted but I am sure I will find something else to get him. Just not sure yet.

Oh and we are not going anywhere fancy since we are going to a Tennessee Titans game the night before! He should be glad I love watching the Titans and I will cheer louder than him sometimes. My throat is sore after today's game....and he wasn't here as he went to pick up Little Bit so I could finish up some stuff that I wasn't able to do Friday due to having to drive ALL THE WAY back to him since he put his keys in my purse. BTW, that was 4 1/2 hours round trip. I was 30 mins from the house when he called and said I had to come back. I was NOT happy to say the least. opinions?

Well hubby suprised me and took me to the store to pick up my ring. I got the one I had tried on a month or so ago. Love it!

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