Monday, July 30, 2012

Quiet on the Sewing front but...

Loud on the family front. lol

With a 4 year old running around the house, it is hard to get much sewing done. She is a live wire most days. Plus she has therapy 2 days a week for her sensory processing disorder. She has came a long way this summer with therapy but we still have days where she acts out and just can't control her emotions, case in point yesterday and today. She has been acting out very badly the last two days; I hope tomorrow is better. It has to be right?!

I had planned to take her to a beach area close by but I decided a new environment and noises would be too much for her right now so we will stay home. Hubby and I will be going to watch the Tennessee Titans practice and I hope to get some autographs and pictures. We will have our normal babysitter for Ashlee. I hope it will do her good to get some one on one time from someone other than me but at the same, it is someone she knows and she will be here so it won't be too much for her senses. I hope!

Anywho, I hope August holds lots of new adventures for my sewing "business." When Little Bit starts preschool on the 13th, I hope to start adding more items to my shop. Any suggestions on what to add?

Oh and be on the lookout for a new place I will be advertising! If you love digital scrapbooking, I will be showcasing a great store!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Facebook Coupon Alert

If you are a fan on my Facebook page, there is a today only coupon code for 15% my shop! Check it out!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I conquered my fear of the....zipper!

Yes, the zipper lost the battle today. I put on my brave face and attempted a project with a zipper. I had bought a zipper months ago but it was too scary to take out of the packaging. But it must be done! I used some old fat quarters, still cute but nothing that I had planned to use soon. So I now have a Christmas pillow!!! I filled muslin with some buckwheat hulls then tackled the pillow part. I did have to rip out the first seam but that was my vain attempt at reading the instructions. Oh she did mean the right side, not the wrong side. Duh! Anywho, I got the seam out, resewn and started the next step.

Here is the beauty...ok she is not perfect and may not be the prettiest but I am proud of her!



Zipper under the flap!:

Mom said she wanted it but I said no! I want to keep my first so I will try again. I only gets better right?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Got to love a sale...

especially when it involves fabric. My LQS was having a 40% off sale to clear the shelves for the new fall lines coming out. I got 10 yards and 2 panels! Wish I could have bought more.

I have an idea of the panels so I bought 2 in case I mess up the first one. The bee fabric I plan to make a tote using it and some yellow with black dots I already have. The rest is unknown projects though I am sure I will figure something out. ;)

If you live in or around Nashville, TN, check out Stitcher's Playhouse in Smyrna, TN. It is a small store but the selections are nice and the ladies are even nicer. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

15% off SALE going on NOW!

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No coupon needed!

Craftsy Mystery Box - Quilting

So I get Craftsy's email about their daily deals. A couple of weeks ago they had their Mystery Box 50% off. I fell for the temptation and purchased it. I was nervous of what would be in it and scared I would hate it.

It arrived today and....


Check it out! My wonderful new additions!

FQ Bundle (21 total) and 5 charm packs (6" squares!)

UPDATE: I am still happy with my purchase but wanted to let ya'll know that some were not so happy and even sent theirs back. Not all boxes are the same, though they say it is $100 worth, you may not think it is. I haven't bought again but just because the budget has allowed me too. I would probably buy again though.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New diaper bag/tote in the store

I tried my hand at making a diaper bag/tote. It turned out better than I thought and wasn't as hard as I thought either. I kinda followed a pattern but I did my own size and left off some stuff. Mainly I followed how to put it together since I have only done one purse with a lining. My husband, though, ask me when I was going to try a zipper, still scared of those. lol

So for now snaps or velcro will be my staple.

Here are some pics of the tote:

We also had a long day of rain, which is much needed so I won't complain. Little Bit was scared of the rain until last month when I took her out to play in it. Now she wants to go out as soon as it starts to sprinkle. She has fun and isn't scared anymore, so I am happy to let her go out. Plus I get some great pics of my little girl.

DO NOT PIN OR SHARE pics of my daughter, thank you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Little American Girl

I made Ashlee this adorable skirt using fun4me2 pattern. Actually Ashlee now has 3 different colors of this style, I just love it. I wanted to make one for the 4th of July so I bought some fabric at JoAnn's when it was sale. This skirt really is simple to make. The shirt is one I bought at Wal-Mart but it was too big so I used some scrap fabric from her skirt to tie the back. It work and I think it looks cute. The lady at the storage place loved it and had to go get her coworker to look at it. But she always talks about how cute Ashlee is when we go pay our bill. lol Oh and being that she is 4 and loves to twirl or pull up on her skirt, she has white legging under it. lol

I tried to get some good pictures with the little waterfall in the background, but well she is 4 and there is water to try to splash in. lol

Enjoy my little girl and her American skirt.

DO NOT PIN OR SHARE this picture, thank you.

Monday, July 2, 2012

No soliciting wreath

So we seem to get a lot of salesman to come to our subdivision. I don't like talking to them and Jamie hates it. So when I saw a wreath done up with a cute no soliciting sign, Jamie said to make one. lol

Well I didn't have a cute wooden board for the sign but I made one on thick cardstock since our front door doesn't get rain on it. I just used scraps of fabric from Ashlee's skirt and Jamie's quilt for the design.

Mom loved it so much I had to make one her when she came to visit this past weekend. lol

Here it is! I hope the salesmen read it. lol

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 4th of July SALE!

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Have a safe and happy 4th of July!