Thursday, July 12, 2012

New diaper bag/tote in the store

I tried my hand at making a diaper bag/tote. It turned out better than I thought and wasn't as hard as I thought either. I kinda followed a pattern but I did my own size and left off some stuff. Mainly I followed how to put it together since I have only done one purse with a lining. My husband, though, ask me when I was going to try a zipper, still scared of those. lol

So for now snaps or velcro will be my staple.

Here are some pics of the tote:

We also had a long day of rain, which is much needed so I won't complain. Little Bit was scared of the rain until last month when I took her out to play in it. Now she wants to go out as soon as it starts to sprinkle. She has fun and isn't scared anymore, so I am happy to let her go out. Plus I get some great pics of my little girl.

DO NOT PIN OR SHARE pics of my daughter, thank you.

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