Friday, July 13, 2012

Craftsy Mystery Box - Quilting

So I get Craftsy's email about their daily deals. A couple of weeks ago they had their Mystery Box 50% off. I fell for the temptation and purchased it. I was nervous of what would be in it and scared I would hate it.

It arrived today and....


Check it out! My wonderful new additions!

FQ Bundle (21 total) and 5 charm packs (6" squares!)

UPDATE: I am still happy with my purchase but wanted to let ya'll know that some were not so happy and even sent theirs back. Not all boxes are the same, though they say it is $100 worth, you may not think it is. I haven't bought again but just because the budget has allowed me too. I would probably buy again though.


Jo said...

Love the blues.

Nita said...

I googled the Craftsy Mystery Box to see if I could find out what other's thought of it...and your blog post came up. Like you, I am a bit nervous about spending that much money on a mystery box! But if your experience is typical, than I think I'm going to do it!