Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Grab Box addiction contiunes...this time with a video

Ok, so if you read my blog you know I have an addiction to grab boxes, especially Pick Your Plum. On July 13th at 7:00am CST, I was up ready to grab my box at 8:00am. I had LOTS of technical difficulties but with patience I was able to get my box! Phew! It arrived today and I thought I would share it via a video...ok I ripped into it then thought "I should have done a video" so you missed my Holy Mackerel comment when I opened the box and it was packed full!

So here is my video, please excuse the commentator. lol

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

End of a chapter...

So Thursday will be Little Bit's last day of preschool. In just a few weeks, a new chapter of her life will start as she begins Kindergarten. She seems excited; Mommy is nervous and in denial. lol!

But as a small token of our appreciation for all that her current preschool has done, I made a little Thank You gift for the teachers. I used Pick Your Plum's twine and pleather flowers (yes I am addicted to their site) and I used my Portrait to sketch the card. I hope they like it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Super Busy week!

So Little Bit has been visiting grandparents since Friday (I came home Sunday from dropping her off). So with the new free time, I WORKED! The house is clean, not spotless by any means but finally got some stuff done that I have wanted to. I also finished up an order from the lovely ladies at The Vintage Honey Shop. They so graciously bought several weighted blankets from me to donate to a couple of local therapy places. I was honored to make the blankets. Check out their site as they make some super cute necklaces.

I also worked on some projects for friends back home (West TN is home). Since I had several orders for the sports cross t-shirt, I have added a custom listing to my shop.

I also decided to work on a few new baby bodysuits, I used heat transfer vinyl for 3 of them. I must say the Princess one is my fav!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Simple Washi Tape project

I didn't take pictures when I did this project but it is really simple to do.

  1. Find a piece of white cardstock
  2. Pick out some blue washi tape and some red washi tape
  3. I drew a square the size I wanted the blue part of the flag to be. Then I placed strips of blue in the square
  4. Place the red washi tape, spacing to show the white cardstock
  5. Design your shape in the Silhouette Studio
  6. Place the cardstock with the washi tape on it in your Silhouette Cutter (I have a Portrait), and cut
  7. Place the newly cut shape in a frame; I chose a white background
  8. Add any vinyl wording you want to the outside of the glass frame
  9. Hang and enjoy!