Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Simple Washi Tape project

I didn't take pictures when I did this project but it is really simple to do.

  1. Find a piece of white cardstock
  2. Pick out some blue washi tape and some red washi tape
  3. I drew a square the size I wanted the blue part of the flag to be. Then I placed strips of blue in the square
  4. Place the red washi tape, spacing to show the white cardstock
  5. Design your shape in the Silhouette Studio
  6. Place the cardstock with the washi tape on it in your Silhouette Cutter (I have a Portrait), and cut
  7. Place the newly cut shape in a frame; I chose a white background
  8. Add any vinyl wording you want to the outside of the glass frame
  9. Hang and enjoy!

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