Friday, July 12, 2013

Super Busy week!

So Little Bit has been visiting grandparents since Friday (I came home Sunday from dropping her off). So with the new free time, I WORKED! The house is clean, not spotless by any means but finally got some stuff done that I have wanted to. I also finished up an order from the lovely ladies at The Vintage Honey Shop. They so graciously bought several weighted blankets from me to donate to a couple of local therapy places. I was honored to make the blankets. Check out their site as they make some super cute necklaces.

I also worked on some projects for friends back home (West TN is home). Since I had several orders for the sports cross t-shirt, I have added a custom listing to my shop.

I also decided to work on a few new baby bodysuits, I used heat transfer vinyl for 3 of them. I must say the Princess one is my fav!

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