Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

A couple of the sewing blogs I follow have mentioned the competition over at Quokka Quilts so I thought I would join in on the fun. Like my previous post states, I am a newbie sewer so I am still learning the ends and outs of things but I am lovin' it thus far.
My pick of colors was orange and brown...I don't really have a room that will match the colors but that could change easily if I had my focal point. ;) So here is my pick of fabric:
I hope I did it right.
The fabrics are:
1. Babysaurus Tiny Strips
2. Brown Bella Solid
3. Baby Safari Orange and Aqua
4. Critter Community Brown Metro Dots
5. Jungle Buddies Brown Large Swirls
6. Aunt Grace Centennial Solids Orange
7. Remix Brown Scatter Dots
8. I Heart Orange Squiggle
9. Meet Me at Sunset Orange Stained Glass
10. Lily & Will Brown Cottontail Toile
11. Treasure and Tidbits Orange Starburst and Floral
12. Aunt Grace Centennial Solids Brown
13. Northern Cardinal
14. Meadow Friends Cotton Dragonfly Orange and Girl Curly Swirls
15. So Sophie Brown Dots

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A new hobby...Sewing

Well, I have been bitten by the sewing bug. I was fortune enough that Pat let me borrow her grandmother's 1966 Singer! It still works good so no complaints from me. The bug bit me when we decided to ask "Santa" for a baby doll for Ashlee for Christmas. I decided I wanted to repuporse the cradle Dad made me along with making some bedding for it. Thus the addiction began. I did fairly well for a newbie who hasn't touched a machine in 20+ years. After the bedding was made, Jamie asked me to do a quilt made out of his uniforms. So before I could start such a large project, I wanted to practice on something smaller so I made Stacy two patchwork blankets for Miranda and Hope. They turned out good. But blankets are easy, I wanted a challenge so....I bought a hobo bag kit from Wal-Mart to make for our Annual Girls Only Christmas party. That was a challenge but I got it made...I hope Bri likes it. Then I decided to make Ashlee some Christmas PJs. I did ok with them; they are shorter than I wanted since I trimmed the wrong end...oops, but they fit ok. After that, I decided to make her a Christmas outfit...complete with adding sleeves to a T-Shirt and creating a tree to add to the shirt. She looked adorable!! I did a few other things to get more practice...see pictures below.
So now I am on a roll. I have bought (or was given by Jamie) a cutting mat, rotary cutter, rulers, etc to stock up my supplies. I have been tempted to buy a new machine but I decided I needed more practice and more supplies first, so for now I will continue to use my 1966 Singer!
Here are the pictures of my projects....
And now I remember why I hated adding pictures to is a pain. lol But I hope you enjoy.