Thursday, July 19, 2012

I conquered my fear of the....zipper!

Yes, the zipper lost the battle today. I put on my brave face and attempted a project with a zipper. I had bought a zipper months ago but it was too scary to take out of the packaging. But it must be done! I used some old fat quarters, still cute but nothing that I had planned to use soon. So I now have a Christmas pillow!!! I filled muslin with some buckwheat hulls then tackled the pillow part. I did have to rip out the first seam but that was my vain attempt at reading the instructions. Oh she did mean the right side, not the wrong side. Duh! Anywho, I got the seam out, resewn and started the next step.

Here is the beauty...ok she is not perfect and may not be the prettiest but I am proud of her!



Zipper under the flap!:

Mom said she wanted it but I said no! I want to keep my first so I will try again. I only gets better right?

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