Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mom's quilt

Saturday, Ashlee and I went to the LQS to look for some fabric for Mom's quilt. I got some ivory broadcloth. Never used it before but it was wide enough I wouldn't have to piece it and cheaper. Ashlee ended up taking a 3 hour nap on Saturday so I spent that time laying out the blocks for the quilt. After several texts to Stacy, I finally got the blocks the way I wanted them. Then I got them lined up and pinned. It was hard to sew this big of quilt, biggest item to date at about 60"x75" but I got it done. I finished up the binding today while Ashlee played then slept. After the wash, I noticed some of the backing had pulled away from the binding so while Jamie gave Ashlee her bath, I tried to fix them. It is in the wash again, I hope it is fixed since Mom is coming up this weekend!

Here is the front and back before the 2nd wash:

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Anonymous said...

Now this is one of my FAVORTE lines from Moda…Hometown. I have some of THAT in those boxes of mine, too!

Pretty quilt.

robin :-)