Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mason Jar overload - Simple projects

Mason jars were in danger this week at my house. Most were spray painted, the rest hid from me. lol

I have seen all the neat project with spray painted mason jars so I tried my hand at it.

First up was a Back to School mason jar for my daughter's table. All I did was turn the mason jar upside down (I have an old wooden board I use for all small spray painting jobs) and spray painted it. Once dried, I cut out a cute little I heart School. Then tied on with some twine.
Next up were my sewing jars. I had them hanging above my cutting table for easy use but thought they could use some color. Before and After! Love

And next up were some jars for my mom. She loved all of mine so she came up with some ideas for Fall and Christmas. These are for her, my sister and an aunt. All tags were made and cut with my Silhouette Portrait.

I don't think mason jars are safe from me or my mom now. ;)


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