Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mammoth is done!

So hubby asked me several months ago to make him a quilt out of his old uniforms. Sounds easy enough right? Well it took him months to get me the uniforms, then I had to wait on the embroider square and finally get time to work on it. So today was the day! I had it sandwiched last night and did the quilting today. Here is a mini time line:

12:30 pm: Put quilt on machine...Sammy held it down for me.

Not sure of the time but I was in the middle of quilting. My machine held up great on this massive quilt!

Around 4pm: Quilted and squared. Heading to JoAnn's for hubby to pick out binding.

After 7 hours of sewing, Mammoth is DONE! Hubby likes it. It is now in the wash.

Now excuse me while I go soak in a HOT bath. My shoulders are killing me. Mammoth weighs a good 15lbs I am sure.

Oh and I did get the Quilt for Kids quilt done before I started Mammoth. It is washed and bagged up. Forgot to take pictures before I bagged it up. Ooops.

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