Friday, June 1, 2012

A little sad news...

Sadly one of our fishy died! RIP Orange Fish #1 or was it #2?

I am so bad with fish sometimes. But the other fish seem to be doing well so it must have been that fish, right? Orange Fish #2 or #1, still not sure who died, lol, seems to be ok though he/she does hide alot. I called Petsmart and she said that since it was just a few days ago, they could probably just look it up for us; I can't find the receipt yet. BUT I did print off the transaction from our bank so maybe that will help.

Luckily Ashlee was upstairs on the phone with Me Maw and I just happened to check on the tank when I went to get the rolls out of the oven. So I got the fish out, put it in some water in a ziplock bag. Ashlee is none the wiser, yet.

And last night's swim lesson (2nd lesson) didn't go very well. She cried just about the entire sesson. One of the helpers had to stay with her most of the time. I am not sure what happened. I hope tonight goes better. It has to right!?

Stay tuned!

Oh I just realized I didn't post about her first official swim lesson. On the 2nd day of lessons, she finally got to get in the pool....and she walked off the underwater ledge and down she went. Yes 5 mins into the lesson, she went under. She cried mainly I think but it caught her off guard. I was still at the pool so I calmed her down and got her to get back in. She had fun the rest of the session.

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