Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Decor

I bought a small chicken wire frame from Pick Your Plum before Christmas. I had a Christmas-y decor on it. With V-Day approching, I wanted to fix the frame up for it. I really wanted some vintage type cards hanging from it. So I went off searching. I found these and picked out a couple I liked. Since they were jpgs, I had to edit them and save them as png. I used Photoshop Elements 6 to do this. I just used the quick selection tool to select all the color, cut and pasted onto a new file that had a transparent background. Then saved as a png. Once saved, I opened my Silhouette Studo Software and opened the png file. I used the Trace option to trace the picture. I wanted just the outline so I took off the High Filter and upped the threshold so the whole picture was yellow. I did this for each picture I wanted. I then printed the files off onto cardstock then loaded that onto my Silhouette mat and cut them out. Mine did get off some but I had the mat loaded off (I should have turned on more lights but it was late). I then glued the cardstock onto twine. Once dried I attached the twine to the frame. The "Happy Valentine" I just printed out and I trimmed it down.

I know the "steps" are hard to imagine but again it was late last night and I didn't take pictures. Sorry. I will try to re-trace the steps soon and take pictures.

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