Monday, January 7, 2013

Portrait arrived!!!

So I haven't gotten to play with it much since Little Bit is home but I did get "Family Time" put on our Family jar. I let Little Bit pick out which color vinyl to use; she chose the pink one. ;) The Portrait cut it out like a dream! I was so excited that I tried to do a logo for my car...this one didn't do as well. I tried twice and it didn't cut right. I will have to research what could be the issue. Maybe the thickness? It is the white outdoor vinyl, same as the pink.

I then tried a print and cut but that didn't go well either but it was a trial run anyways. So I thought I would try what I really wanted it for, cutting fabric! I tried a simple design first, a heart. Cut perfect! It will go on Baby Emma's onesie for Valentine...I think Little Bit's doll is spoiled. lol

Anywho, so far I like the Portrait but I will let ya know how it goes once I get to play more with it; which will probably be next week when Little Bit starts back to preschool.

EDIT: I did get the logo to cut out finally. Since it has some small details, I had to reduce the speed of the blade. This made it cut better and the logo looked great!

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