Thursday, January 10, 2013

Missing Normal

Not that our life is ever normal, but I miss the routine we have when school is in session. Little Bit has been out for a month now due to sickness and holidays. I think she is getting cabin fever and Mommy is getting crafty fever. I am ready to get back to sewing and crafting, which I try to do while she is at school. Not sure how much I will get done this coming week as we have an appt on Monday and then on Tuesday Louise is due for her annual checkup. Our little doggie will be 9 years old in February! Love her!

I got my partner for the Sweet Pouch Swap! Hi Fay! So excited. I have been trying to decide on a pattern and colors scheme, but Little Bit hasn't let me sit down for long today. At one point she even sat in front of the laptop to play. Yup, one of those days....and we even went to the local Jumper Playhouse today so she could run off energy and I could chat with the Moms in the group we belong to. While cooking supper, I had to resort to Skype with my Mom so Little Bit would not be under my feet while cooking. :( Currently she is in the bath so I have a moment. lol

I did play a little with my Portrait last night while Little Bit was asleep. I always tell her "good night, love you, dream a dream." Not sure where the dream a dream came from but I have said it to her since she was a baby. So I made a little vinyl decal for above her bed. I think I will add stars or something around it. Not sure yet.

Well that is currently my life right now. I hope in the next week or so, I can get back to sewing and what is some what normal. :)

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