Saturday, January 5, 2013

Make time for the Family!

Jamie and I decided we needed to focus more on our family this year. So part of that is to do something as a family at least once a month, rather it is going to the local park, going to the Zoo or taking a weekend road trip. To help keep our goal, we made up a list of things to do and I printed them off on some cardstock (business cards actually). I then folded them up, put cute washi tape on them, and put them in a mason jar. Each month on the 1st, we will draw a card out and schedule it for the month. This month I had already decided to take Little Bit ice skating; we are going on the 26th! We are not telling Little Bit. ;)

Here is our Family Time jar: (I do plan to put "Family Time" on the jar once my Portrait arrives)

Portrait arrived today and this is the vinyl I put on the jar. Little Bit picked the color from what I had ordered:

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Rita said...

Great idea! Any family time is time well spent.