Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have decided...I think!

After months of going back and forth on rather I really need a Silhouette, I have finally decided to buy the Silhouette Portrait! I plan to order it tomorrow as I need to wait for payday first...darn bills got in the way...and of course Christmas and feeding family that was in town. I am excited about getting it. I really want to add the options of applique or names to my sewing items and the Silhouette will be perfect for that. I will be buying the fabric blade as well. It should be in by next weekend I hope, which is fine as I have tons to do around here...Christmas Cyclone 2012 hit pretty hard. :) Little Bit got WAY too much stuff and now I have to find places for it all. Mom and I took down all the Christmas stuff today and Hubby put it back in the attic. Now to clean and do some rearranging as I want to re-do the living room and Little Bit's room. Just moving furniture, nothing major.

Speaking of Christmas, Hubby got me some Titans PJs (so cute), a shirt with a sewing machine on it (super cute), a chain for my charm I have had since 2003, and a waffle maker (made waffles this morning). It was a good Christmas. Little Bit got her new Tweety she asked for, along with some dinosaurs, Thomas the Train track, Ballerina outfit, sleeping bag, clothes, and I forgot what all she got from everyone. She is one spoiled child. :)

I hope everyone has a great New Year. Not sure what we will do. My parents will be back in town; Mom is still here and Dad is coming back Sunday. Jamie and I might go out to eat early then come back and spend time with the family.

Update: Ordered and in the processing of shipping!! Should have it by Jan 8th if not a few days sooner! Yay!

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