Monday, December 10, 2012

Stuffed Rabbit?

I have seen all these cute stuffed animals around Etsy and other sites so I thought I would try to make one for Little Bit.

No picture but I just drew up a mock picture and used it as my template. Here is the pieces cut out, one for the front, one for the back; I used a Minky material.

Next up is the face. I used scrap material and just sewed them on. I like the contrast thread, it gives it that handmade look.

Next up was the arms, legs and ears. I just made little tubes for the arms and legs and stuffed them (I was very technically on how I stuffed them, lol). I did not stuff the ears since they had minky backing.

Lay out the arms, legs and ears where you want them to go. Remember to fold them in before you pin the back piece on. Once all arms, legs, and ears are in place and pinned, sew around the body, leaving an opening for turning. Turn it out, stuff, sew up the opening, and enjoy!

I hope Litte Bit likes her "rabbit", we shall see. I will update later with a picture, if she likes him and will pose with him. lol He might scare her...I hope not.
Side note: As I was turning this little one inside out, I had a flashback to the Popples...remember those?
UPDATE: Did she like him?
Well Little Bit took Rabbit with her to therapy, along with several other toys. In OT, they built a gingerbread house and on the way home, the bag with the toys fell on it and got icing on them. Once we got home, she got to playing with her dinosaurs and pom poms so I grabbed the toys and threw them in the wash....this is what happened when she realized Rabbit was gone:
Ok, I can't get the video to upload. Lets just say "IT WAS THE END OF THE WORLD!" She cried for a while, got her distracted with a bath but as soon as she got out, she wanted Rabbit. Luckily I got him out first and put him in the dryer alone so he would dry faster. He is now snug as a bug in a rug with Little Bit holding him tight. I say she liked him. :)

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