Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gobble Gobble

So I saw this shirt on Etsy a while back and wanted to try something like it for Ashlee. It is hard to find plain shirts around here, especially long sleeves. I remembered to look yesterday at Wal-Mart and happened to find a white long sleeve shirt! I also found a white sweat shirt but used the long sleeve T-Shirt as Ashlee tends to get hot easily.

So I gathered up some scraps, drew up a "Turkey" and got busy. Here is the before, with Mr. Eko making sure I am doing it right.

I didn't take pictures as I did it, sorry, but I just cut out different color feathers and laid them around my turkey body (brown minky). Then pinned them on and sew it on. It wasn't too hard to sew them all on, just make sure the shirt doesn't bunch under the needle. Once I got the body and feathers on, I put the eyes on. I just went around the edge, not perfect but I think it adds character. Then I used a fancy stitch for the eyes. For the legs I did straight lines, then a fancy stitch to make "feet". My mom had found the Gobble at Hobby Lobby so I sewed it on. Again not straight or perfect but I adds character. I did mess up and got a little bunch when I was putting the Gooble on but it isn't too bad. Can't wait to see my Little Bit in it.



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