Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life got in the way...

I did get a few things made last week (4 pillow covers and some placemats and a custom order) but I really wanted to get more done. However, my daughter started getting sick. :( She hasn't been since January when we went to see an allergist and got her meds right. She gets a runny nose then a horrible cough which we have to use her inhaler for.

I do have a laminted cotton weighted sensory blanket on the sewing table. Not sure if there is a market for those since it will not be able to be washed in the washer, hand washed with soap and water only. We shall see.

I do have other ideas in my head and hope to get time to do it. This week looks like a bust as my daughter is still sick plus I have to take our cat back to the vet on Tuesday for her checkup. Then Halloween is Wednesday; hoping our daughter is better by then so she can dress up as Jesse and get lots of candy. ;) And if we get her referral in on time, my daughter has her 6 month check up at the allergist on Thursday.

Until next time!

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