Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scrappy Keychain

So my sister found this tutorial and asked if it would be hard to do for the Annual Girls Only Christmas Party we have with the family. I told her no. I bought the keyrings ($4), the webbing ($1/yd) and just used scraps of fabric and Warm & Natural batting. I followed her tutorial just as a guide since I used batting and not interfacing. Mine are not super stiff but they are not flimsy either. The batting was a low loft so it gave it just enough firmness without over doing it. I also used 3" long webbing because the 2" didn't do well with the size of circle I used. I used the lid for a large mason jar as my circle template. I think they turned out super cute. I made 15 in probably a little over an hour, cutting and all. Super easy.

Simple instructions (no pictures):

Cut out 2 circles from scrap fabrc
Cut out 1 circle from low loft batting (Warm & Natural works great since it is thin, yet firm)
Cut 1 strip of webbing (3" was best for my size circle, but try different lenghts for your taste)
Need 1 Keyring

Sandwich the 2 scraps of fabric and batting (scrap right side down, batting, scrap right side up)
Sew around the circle, leaving an opening wide enough for the webbing
Use your Pinking Shears to trim around the entire edges
Insert your webbing with the keyring on it, into the opening
Sew close (backstitch for durability)

First one I made:

The group of them:

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