Monday, May 28, 2012

My Memorial Day!

First off I want to thank every soldier, fallen and those still fighting, for their service. I know the sacrifice you and your family makes for our freedom which we take for granted every day. So Thank You!

Second, it was a lazy day for us. We went to pick out fish for our new fish tank. Ashlee loves it of course. I worked on a skirt for my store. Later Jamie grilled some pork chops for supper. Ashlee was in a good mood all day until she woke up from her nap, now she is CRANKY! I think her belly is hurting because she is super whiny and can't seem to go potty; she does have issues with that from time to time.

Well here are some pics:

Ashlee with her new fish

Ashlee modeling the new skirt for the store.

Other news, I am frustrating with geting pictures for my store. While I know they are not the best, I don't think they are the worse but I have had some say the pictures are "dirty" in the fact they are on a fence and another say to chop off Ashlee's head so I don't have to put the watermark. Well I want the watermark because it is Ashlee, with or without her face showing. Oh well, I will do what I feel looks good to me....for now. lol

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