Thursday, March 8, 2012

What a day...

Sadly my day started at 3am when I woke up and could not go back to sleep. So I headed to the living room with my tablet and surfed the web and played my game. Then comes 4am when Ashlee wakes up...she had been awake around 3am but kept playing Dada Bear. Guess neither one of us could go back to sleep. So she laid on the couch with me for a little while then I took her back to her room. She wanted to watch TV so I put in Calliou and got her a snack. Finally around 5am, we both were asleep. She slept in until 8:45am. The rain had started so of course when I let the dogs out to potty, they tracked mud all through the kitchen. Lovely! Then Ashlee spilt her cereal all in the floor, great. Then, yes another, I went to our bathroom only to see where one of the cats had thrown up all down the cabinet, toliet and into the floor. Just wonderful. Admist the chaos of the morning, I did get Ashlee's Easter skirt 95% done, needs elastic, and I got mine done also. I have just enough fabric left to make Ashlee's doll Emma a little dress so we all will match. Pictures will come later when they are done. For now, I am trying to figure out a top for us. Not sure if I want a cream color and add something to them or go with a color for a pop. Any anyone that actually reads my blog anymore? lol

So now I am trying to get Ashlee to take a nap because she is cranky and am I. Hurry home hubby! lol

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