Monday, March 5, 2012

So I made a purse...

from "Deploy that Fabric" by Jen Eskridge. Jamie got me the book for Christmas and I finally decided to try one of the projects. I had some leftover uniforms from his quilt so I found a small bag that I could use on our upcoming trip. It didn't take me too was more of a stop and go since Little Bit is up...and a few seams had to be ripped out but that wasn't too bad. I used what I had here so it was tweaked a little. Instead of a magnetic clasp, I used velco from one of Jamie's uniforms and the lining is leftover bandana from when I redid the front room. The strap is the section of his buttons on the shirt, just put two sections together to make it long enough. Overall, I think it turned out pretty good, not the best by a long shot but I did kinda rush it some. But it will work for what I want it for.
Ok, could not find a pic online of hers so here is one I took from the book:
And sorry this isn't the best picture....but you get the idea:

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