Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sewing has stalled...

I haven't gotten to sew in weeks now. Jamie and I took a road trip to Reno, NV! He had a conference there so we decided to make it a vacation. We drove for 2 1/2 days to get there, stayed in Reno a week, then started our vacation home on Friday. We went to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Those were the only places we were saw since we decided to head home a couple of days soon. Oh well, we still have fun being together for a week and half! But it was a long time away from Little Bit! We surprised my mom and Ashlee by coming home earlier than they thought. Ashlee kept saying "You're home, you're back!" lol So cute. Since we came home early, Mom wanted to go back home so Dad came to get her. Jamie worked on his boat and I spent time with Ashlee. She hasn't left the house but once since we have been home. She got her bad cough again so she missed MDO yesterday. She seems to be getting some better...or at least not worse so I will let her got to MDO tomorrow since it is their Easter party, she missed pictures yesterday. :(

Today was the Easter Egg Hunt with the mom's group I joined. Ashlee had a great time and I had a good time meeting some new moms, though I mainly stayed with Ashlee. lol

I do have a few projects in the works but I have to find time to do them. I want to make Ashlee some pants for her birthday party. They will be denim with ruffles on the bottom. My friend Rachel is making her a shirt, embroidered. I also want to start Brandi's baby quilt...she is expecting baby #3 in Nov! I also need to try to finish Jamie's quilt. The lady I was going to embroider the last square was in a wreck so I may just have to find someone else (or talk Jamie into letting me get a cheap embroidery machine, wink wink). I also have some charms that I want to figure out a quilt or something for.

So that is where I am in the sewing area.

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