Thursday, March 28, 2013


So life...yeah. Lets see, over the past month I have had a total of 7 stitches. The first go around was to remove two moles that looked suspicious; I go yearly for a check up as my Mom and 2 aunts have had skin cancer and I have had some spots to come back atypical (pre-cancerous). Well both spots came back atypical but the one on my back was severely abnormal so I had to have more taken out to make sure they got all the cells, thus 5 more stitches. Two weeks with 5 stitches in the middle of your back is no fun and sleep is horrible. Anywho, they came out today. WhoooHooo! However, April 10th I am going to have a lapascopic (sp?) surgery. Yup more stitches. I had a hysterectomy last year and the last several months I have had some pains on my right side so at my annual checkup, I mentioned it. After an ultrasound, it turns out my right ovary has doubled in size so we are going in to see if it is endometrosis, scar tissue, or something else. So yay!...Not! So from April 10 - April 21, my shop will be closed to custom orders. I don't think hubby would let me lift weighted blankets to sew plus I will be preparing my daughter's 5th birthday! EEEK! Where have the years gone? Her party is to be April 20th and she wants Thomas and Wilson...Thomas the Train and Chuggington. We are renting a trackless train for her party; she has no idea!

Anywho, I have done a few custom order weighted blanket and even a custom order floor pillow. I have also been playing around with my Portrait, yup still loving it. So here is some creations I have made for me lately.

Shirt for my daughter. ASM is fabric, the sun is HTV (heat transfer vinyl)
Easter basket for my daughter's classmates, all personalized with their names
 Cups for her teachers

My Kindle Cover

New car decal. I am a proud wife!
 Bunny for Little Bit
Me a pocket T-Shirt, my first attempt. Now I have family and friends that want one. lol All fabric, btw.
Easter gift for my Mom and Mother in law
Little Bit a shirt, first layer HTV attempt
Ok, I guess that is enough, picture overload right! But I love my Portrait and try to find stuff to do. lol

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DG Middendorf said...

Is this where I post who gives the best hugs? My 2 year old grandson is an AWESOME hugger!