Monday, August 27, 2012

ME, ME, ME! Pick ME!

Ok, so we bought our house in November 2010. I was so excited for the bonus room upstairs, so much potential. What did I do with it? It is a guest room, office space, sewing area, and Kitty Hotel, all in one. None of the furniture matches. I did paint the walls a nice gray and had a grand idea of black and gray with splashes of color thrown about....the walls was all I got done. :(

So when I saw Mandi was doing another Epic Room Makeover, I knew I had to enter. I have such big dreams for the area but no idea where to start or how to do it.

Here is the "grand" tour:

Welcome to Casa da Mess!

Here is a spare bed we bought so my Dad would have a place to sleep when he and Mom come visit. We love him but he snores, very loudly. Usually he slept on the couch so Mom could sleep but since he does snore so loud (we really do love you Dad), I bought a twin bed for upstairs so he could snore in peace. ;)

Next up is our storage/Jamie's area. However, Jamie has a laptop that he would rather use sitting on the couch in the living room so his desk has become a storage/ironing board.

We do have a lovely window with a cat perch! ;)

Next up is my area. I love my roll top desk, though it is kinda big for the area. Jamie does not want me to get rid of it due to paying so much for it and I did want one for years before I finally got one. Notice the cute printer warmer, she is the best for the job.

Next up is my sewing area! This is tons better than what I had before (I used to cut on the floor). I do wish I had painted the table or something. And I do need more storage...need more fabric too. ;) I won't knock this area too much since Hubby did build it for me. The desk was free but he put it together along with the chair. ;)

And lastly is the Kitty Royal Thrones. Yes we have 4 cats so they need litter boxes and being upstairs is better than in a bedroom. However, it needs a disguise or something. I would love a giant sand box that scoops out the litter into a chute and into the garbage outside (can you do that Mandi? Or am I dreaming too big?, lol).

So please, PLEASE vote for me so I can get my dream guest room/office space/sewing area/Kitty Hotel.

I leave you with some cuteness in hopes you will vote for me and for sweet little Rescue who needs a new Hotel room. ;)


Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

I love your all in one space!! And I will totally get working on plans for a giant litterbox that scoops itself! Thanks for entering and good luck!

Love your guts

superpaige said...

Isn't it great to have an area for sewing. Great room with lots of potential!

Good luck!