Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wow, life can get busy...

Lets see...the last time I posted it was before my Mom's surprise birthday party where we drove 4 hours on Friday the 10th, stayed with my sister and then got everything ready for the party. When mom got to my sister's, we were hiding in the back room then came out and yelled surprised...we about gave her a heartattack. She was so happy to see us, oh whom I am kidding, she was so excited to see Little Bit! They had fun playing!

We drove back home on Sunday (another 4 hours!). Little Bit started Preschool on Monday! Eek! She had a good day and each day got a little better. She goes Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 2pm. I did some cleaning most days, I did sew a little on Tuesday. I had a custom order to go out and I finished up the quilt I started the first of July.

My Little Bit's first day! She had to have her Wilson blanket.

Tonight I tried my hand at car seat strap covers. Not too bad. They are not perfect since I used what I had on hand, but they are still cute.

One side

The other sides

My parents are coming up tomorrow for the weekend. Well actually mom will be staying the week as we had asked her to stay so we could have a babysitter for the 23rd! We have tickets for the preseason Titan's game vs the Cardinals! First of 5 games we have tickets for! So excited!

Until next time!

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