Friday, March 14, 2014

Quick St. Patrick's Day crafts

So I wasn't sure what to do for Little Bit's teachers for St. Patrick's Day. I do 6 gifts for her teacher, counselor, OT and 3 Teacher Assistants. But when I found the burlap canvases at Michael's I knew what I could do.

So what do you need?

Canvas (mine are burlap)
Freezer Paper
Spray paint (or regular paint but I am lazy and like spray paint, lol)
Silhouette Cameo (or scissors)

First, pick your design. I chose a 4 leaf clover. Now I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut it out but you can use scissors. I chose to cut it out exactly 8"x10" so I could cover the whole canvas.

Once cut out, lay your stencil on your canvas and iron (shiny side down) onto your canvas. Try to make sure you have the edges down good.

Now to paint. I use a piece of wood to spray paint my items on. Lay your canvas down and paint.

Once done painting, remove the stencil. And look! Oh so pretty.

I added ribbon to the back of mine. I cut the ribbon 6" long, then stapled into place. I also went back and added a drop of glue to both sides of the ribbon to help them stay.

And you are done!

And it is that simple. I did these 2 also.

For her classmates, they are getting little plastic boxes with Skittles and Rolos in them. I just used twine and cardstock for the tags (cut using my Cameo). 

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