Thursday, May 30, 2013

In a slump...

It seems time has gotten away from me more and more lately. I haven't done much sewing or crafting the last couple of weeks. I did get a few applique baby bodysuits done and listed. I have one more done but have yet to get the pictures taken to list it. :/

Little Bit's last day of preschool was May 23rd; family came up for Memorial Day weekend; Little Bit started swim lessons May 28th; Dentist appt for Little Bit; new puppy who needs to be bottle feed every 4 hours.....the list could go on. I have been tired. Little Bit is going to go back to preschool 2 days a week starting June 11th and I hope to sew on those days but who really knows. I have gotten a couple of custom orders for weighted blankets this week so when the fabric arrives, I will have to set aside some time to work on them. Probably after she has gone to bed as she doesn't like me to sew when she is awake and Hubs gets home around 6pm.

I am sorry I am a bad blogger but it is hard to find time to sit and type. Currently Little Bit is playing right beside me but normally, if I sit, she wants in my lap. She is 5 years old and over 43" tall, so trying to type with her playing in my lap would be a mess.

I hope to get better with this, I really do.

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