Friday, May 3, 2013

Dresser Makeover!

So I wanted a new dresser that I could use for storage of my fabric and vinyl, as well as use it to iron on. I asked around, looked on Craigslist, etc. My cousin texted me one day and asked if I found one yet. I said no. Her father in law had one that he was going to sell. It was the perfect size! But really, REALLY dirty. But it was $40. So my dad brought it up here for me when he came for Little Bit's birthday party. And since she is visiting them this weekend, I tackled the dresser. I had cleaned it up a few days ago so all I had to do was paint. It took about 4 coats but I LOVE IT!

Here are some progress pictures:

This is it at my cousin's father in law's house
Home and dusted off

Debating on a color

Chose Valspar - Top Banana

1st coat is on!
After soaking in Vinegar for a couple of days, and a good scrubbing, the knobs were ready for painting. I used Valspar Spray Paint, White

Another coat (not sure if this was 2 or 3)
And here she is! She is not perfect but that adds to the charm of her.


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