Friday, February 1, 2013

Addicted? Nah!

Ok, maybe a little...but I love Pick Your Plum Grab Boxes! I ordered my 3rd one last Saturday and it arrived today! Swoon!

Here are some pictures to make you

Door Knobs (mom claimed them)
 2 dress form hooks, wooden plaques, jewlery (mom claimed), pillow boxes, white envelopes, personalized stickers
 Cupcake liners, twine (navy), burlap ribbon (hunter green, mom claimed), green chervon cups, headbands, roses for headbands, lace leg warmers for kids (purple and brown)
 Black layer shirt, leg warmers for me (cream and brown)
 Rosette purse!! I wanted one when they had them but decided not to buy it!
 The Loot!
So be sure to check out their FB page as they announce when they will have Grab boxes, usually on a Saturday. And they go super fast!

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